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About me « I am Sara, a videogames translator

About me


Hi, my name is Sara Jiménez and I work as a localization service provider from English into Spanish for the video games industry. I’ve been working in this sector for 14 years now and have a few hundreds of games under the belt.

If you are visiting this website, I presume you already know what games localization is all about, so I will not bore you enumerating the requirements to have a game properly localized, nor will I try to convince you that I am aware of what it takes to get a good final product. I will also avoid enumerating the kinds of texts or platforms I translate. Instead, I invite you to have a look to My work section to see some of the projects I have worked in. If you’re  interested in collaborating and want to know more about me and my work, feel free to ask!

I mainly do translation and proofreading tasks, but I can help with anything related to games localization, from the more technical aspects such as CAT tools and file formats to project management and quality assurance.

I can proudly say I have been working full time as a freelancer for the past 13 years,  and in all this time I’ve been able to pick and learn the best aspects of working for the sector, as well as discard or polish the less positive points,  to be able to use such precious work experiences to offer  top quality, creativity and an engaging style.